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TMD Holdings understands the nuances of product sourcing and manufacturing. Our superior customer service is accompanied by accelerated innovation, improved agility, increased adaptability and cost-effectiveness. We are certified to work with global companies that require strict compliance.





We serve the sourcing, manufacturing and logistical needs of industry. TMD delivers project solutions in an evolving global marketplace. 


TMD has built strategic partnerships with distribution channels, Fortune 500 companies and global retailers around the world, helping them to deliver quality products to different end users and consumers worldwide.


TMD offers extensive insight into the transparent supply chain.  TMD delivers quality products in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

 TMD Manufacturing Supply Chain Management

TMD provides a total 360 solution for manufacturing and supply chain management. Our Pittsburgh, PA based company give our customers peace of mind with the close proximity of a US based office.  Additionally, our team in China gives us total clarity and insight into the entire cost analysis and supply chain. Fortune 500 companies have returned time and again to obtain customized solutions for their specific sourcing needs. 


Creativity & Design

Creativity through design is an integral part of our business.  We provide solutions through efficient planning and execution. We see design drive growth and innovation globally and have made it a key service offering to bring your concepts to reality.


Custom Manufacturing & Advisory Services

 TMD Custom Manufacturing Advisory Services

From product design, financial modeling and risk management of offshore manufacturing, TMD Holdings helps to enhance sales, improve logistics, minimizes project costs and consolidates vendors.   

In the world of manufacturing physical objects, tasks are repetitive, activities are predictable. In product development, tasks are unique and project requirements constantly change requiring a company that can adapt to client needs.

TMD has the unique ability to act as an extension of our client's purchasing departments. Our extensive knowledge of materials sourcing allows us to approach any custom manufacturing job with confidence.

Import & Export

As an all inclusive procurement and logistics operation, TMD has the expertise and insight to execute large-scale projects.  Our experienced logistics team will find the most efficient and cost-effective method of delivering your products to their desired location.  


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