Custom Manufacturing & Sourcing

Enhance Sales, Minimize Costs, Improve Logistics and Consolidate Vendors by partnering with TMD.

TMD is committed to providing custom manufacturing and sourcing solutions to clients worldwide. With nearly 20 years of supplying goods to global companies, no project is too large or too small for TMD Global Sourcing.  

TMD is experienced in total supply chain solutions and strategy sourcing:

  • Lead Time
  • On-Time Performance
  • Supply
  • Delivery
  • Quality
  • Pricing
  • Information Coordination
  • Design Collaboration
  • Exchange Rates, Taxes & Duties

Through the use of experienced multi-function teams, TMD ensures appropriate coordination across regions, is constantly aware of price, and has long-term relationships with key suppliers and manufacturers.  Whether your corporation needs employee appreciation gifts or your company needs a new supplier of bolts or even garbage cans, TMD has strategic solutions.  

What can we solve for you today?

Contract Manufacturing and Sourcing

At TMD, we have sourced everything from lighting to screws to drinkware to garbage bags to windows. But while our capabilities are all-inclusive, we work with each client to find the right product for their needs. You can consider TMD for contract manufacturing and product sourcing.

In our procurement services, our procurement officers and buyers return to TMD time and again to find solutions to your problems. They know they will receive competitive pricing, large-scale production capacity, quality control, and on-time delivery.

TMD Holdings offers a wide range of custom manufacturing and sourcing services, including:

Supply chain management: TMD helps you manage your entire supply chain, from procurement to manufacturing to distribution.
Vendor selection: We help you select the right vendors for your needs.
Manufacturing outsourcing: We help you outsource your manufacturing needs.
Product sourcing: We help you source the products you need from the right suppliers.
Supplier risk management: We help you mitigate the risks associated with your suppliers.

What makes TMD DIfferent? We are a global supply chain partner with more than 18 years of experience.  We have actual offices, buildings, and infrastructure. We have a warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA for additional delivery options.  We can manage all or part of the process with any procurement agent or buyer from manufacturing outsourcing to Logistics and transportation.  What problem can we help you solve today?


What Can We Create For You Today?

From design to delivery, TMD is your total global supply chain solution.  We look forward to discussing your unique project requirements and objectives. 
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