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Consultative Approach

At TMD Custom Global Manufacturing, we use a consultative approach to drive business growth.  At the core of TMD are our technology, manufacturing, and custom designs capabilities. We are experts in logistics and transportation, creative design, working capital, sourcing, and the global supply chain.  We become an extension of procurement departments in a variety of markets.

TMD is the total solution for manufacturing and supply chain management. We have extensive experience in compliance and vendor requirements. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with offices in Asia, TMD has total insight into the entire supply chain process.  

TMD has a stellar reputation and a proven track record for bringing top-tier results to companies and brands worldwide.  Clients return time and again because they trust TMD to obtain the custom global manufacturing and design solutions to meet specific product needs.

In order to bring concepts to reality, the only limit is imagination.

Private Label: TMD Contract Manufacturing

TMD helps retailers and corporations to manufacture their own private label products.  Contract manufacturing allows companies to select the specific products they need, target their price point and maximize profit margins.  Companies specify every aspect of the product, and TMD handles the nuances of manufacturing through total supply chain management.
TMD has private labeled products and provided innovative and creative solutions for tens of thousands of products in a variety of market segments including educational, financial, entertainment, food service, telecommunications, government, medical, industrial, promotional and specialty advertising among many others.
TMD has what you need.  Items in virtually any industry or application can be private labeled.

With TMD's wealth of experience and expertise, you can trust us to handle the complexities of contract manufacturing and total supply chain management. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements, and target price points, and maximize profit margins through efficient manufacturing processes.

Choose TMD as your Total Solutions Partner for private label products across multiple industries. Let us help you bring your ideas to life and elevate your brand's presence in the market. Contact us today to discuss your project and unlock the potential of private-label manufacturing!

What Can We Create For You Today?

Product OEM/ODM: Custom Manufacturing Products

TMD offers OEM (original equipment manufacturing and ODM (original design manufacturing) services for a variety of companies worldwide.  TMD has spent nearly 2 decades sourcing and creating direct relationships with manufacturer's overseas. Since inception, we have established a large network of manufacturers that can fulfill virtually any product in any industry.

Our local office in Pittsburgh, PA is agile and innovative.  TMDs team of cross-disciplinary experts is operationally coordinated to provide fast quotes, constant communication and track logistical data in order to expedite all orders ensuring a smooth transition from initial consultation to delivery of products, while avoiding the inconvenience and complexities of dealing directly for contract manufacturing.

TMD Holdings: Custom Manufacturing Company

TMD Holdings is a multifaceted custom manufacturing company providing quality products, fair pricing and on-time delivery while providing superior customer service.  
TMD bridges the gap between our customers and overseas factories.  We not only help with language barriers, but with culture and customs.TMD has staff in Asia that monitors the progress of each and every project from day 1 to mitigate risk and maintain quality.

Our people, processes and organizational structure differentiate us from any competitor.  TMD maintains actual infrastructure including offices, warehouses and buildings. TMD is your total supply chain management solution.  

Advantages of working with TMD Custom Manufacturing Company:
  • Cost Savings
  • Mutual Benefit
  • Advanced Skills
  • Relationships with suppliers
  • Production Efficiency
  • Quality, QA/QC

Markets & Materials

TMD achieves amazing results by focusing on the customer and product first.  Below is a small sampling of the markets we’ve served and the materials we’ve used to create a lasting impression on our clients, who return time and again to TMD for their Custom Global Manufacturing and Private Label or OEM/ODM Product needs:

Retail: TMD offers comprehensive private label solutions for the retail sector, including customized products, packaging, and branding. Whether it's apparel, home goods, electronics, or any other retail category, we can manufacture private-label products that resonate with your target audience.

Industrial: For industrial businesses, TMD can produce private label products such as machinery, tools, equipment, and components, meeting the high standards of durability and performance required in the industrial sector.

Educational: TMD can create customized educational products, from textbooks and learning aids to day-to-day supplies, all designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions.

Financial: Whether you're a bank, financial institution, or fintech company, we can manufacture private-label promotional products, signs, mats, fixtures, POS stands, and more.  

Food Service: For the food industry, we offer private label solutions for a wide range of products, from packaging, bottles, lids, and pumps, ensuring top-notch quality and adherence to industry standards.

Telecommunications: Private-label components, wires, lashing, cables, pole line hardware, strapping, pedestals, uniforms, and specialty bags are within our expertise, allowing telecom companies to offer branded products to their customers.

Government: We can help governmental organizations with private-label products for various purposes, such as promotional items, furniture, lighting, supplies, and more.

Medical: TMD specializes in producing private-label medical equipment, supplies, and healthcare products, meeting stringent quality and safety standards.

Our custom full-service sourcing and manufacturing is designed to cater to various industries, making TMD your go-to partner for your product solutions. Let us know today how we can help you with your product needs today.


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From design to delivery, TMD is your total global supply chain solution.  We look forward to discussing your unique project requirements and objectives. 
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